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Digital Media Art & Design (DMAD)

The goal of the Bachelor of Art in Digital Media Art & Design program at King University is to prepare students to enter the quickly expanding and evolving field of digital media where you will be expected to be:

  • Self-motivated
  • Detail oriented
  • Articulate
  • Critical and objective
  • Able to hear and apply feedback
  • Persistent
  • A compelling visual communicator 

DMAD at King

  • Allows you to choose your direction of study based on your preferred medium, while giving you enough time to pursue multiple media
  • Prepares you to enter your career with a high quality portfolio of work that expresses who you are while showcasing your technical abilities
  • Has a strong student-driven community in which to grow
  • Is committed to giving students experience with current industry-standard software and hardware including studio space, lighting equipment, Mac Lab, and the full Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Includes a digital-media-specific business course to prepare you to step into the industry from a variety of entry points

To see examples of DMAD student work click here.

Why DMAD at King?

The degree focuses specifically on how visual media such as digital photography, videography, and graphic design are used to promote ideas in the contemporary world of visual language and media communication. Understanding both the technical and the conceptual processes to produce captivating and affective imagery allows students to enter the job market through a variety of positions according to the strengths of the individual.

Through a uniquely designed progression of courses students become fluent in both conceptual visual language and efficient technical practices, which build the foundation necessary to compete in an industry that is continually evolving.

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Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates from the Digital Media Art & Design program will be prepared to meet the following competency outcomes:

  • Create visually compelling imagery through self exploration
  • Articulate personal vision, creative thinking, and evaluation
  • Justify aesthetic decision making
  • Identify and employ techniques in editing, post-production, image manipulation, digital illustration, and design
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of technical practices with the equipment of their concentration
  • Formulate and apply sound business principles of management, marketing, and accounting
  • Demonstrate self motivation and ethical practices while building business models

Digital Media Art & Design Faculty

Digital Media Art & Design Coursework

To view all required courses for a BA in Digital Media Art & Design click here.

To view all required courses for a Minor in Digital Media Art & Design click here.

For Digital Media Art & Design course descriptions click here.

Jobs in Digital Media

  • Professional Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media/Networking
  • Digital Retouching
  • Web Design
  • Professional Videography

For more jobs for the DMAD grad, click here.

Technology Requirement

Students pursuing a major or minor in DMAD are required to have an Apple computer with Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud; a DSLR camera with video capabilities and full manual controls; and a portable external hard drive.


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