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Welcome to the College of Arts & Sciences

Girl and Guy Laughing King UniversityMission of the College of Arts & Sciences at King University

The College of Arts and Sciences provides the academic foundation for life and learning at King University. The core classes you will take are almost exclusively taught by faculty members from the College. The College draws its strength from its commitment to the liberal arts tradition, which sees the purpose of education as to “liberate”: to free us from the bondage of ignorance, from narrow concerns; from selfishness; and to free us to a life of virtue, a life of meaning, a life of service. Toward this end, the College will help you to write and speak well, even eloquently; to see below the surface of things; to discover joy in finding connections; to deepen your insight into and appreciation of the world about us. In addition, it can help you to become more flexible in your thinking and response to your circumstances, attributes that are essential to living well in this rapidly changing world and job market.

But at King the College of Arts and Sciences goes beyond the aims of the liberal arts tradition as normally conceived. The faculty in the College are committed to a broader vision of education. We believe that we are created in the image of God, that we have distorted that image, but that we can be re-created through Christ. We thus pursue our studies in the context of that belief, with the firm conviction that this new life animates and gives reason for all we do, whatever our aspirations, whatever majors we pursue. Our work, our very lives, then, might be seen as a vocation, a “calling” from our Creator to be partners in establishing a new creation.

Being a Christian is not a requisite for joining the King community, but an openness to exploring the claims of Christ and the world of the spirit will deepen your experience immeasurably.

Aside from supporting students who seek majors outside the College―in business, education, or nursing, for example, the College offers majors and minors in its own right, from the traditional―such as mathematics, history, English, religious studies―to newer fields, like Security and Intelligence Studies. In addition, the experience in the classroom is supplemented and enriched by various programs like the Sign of the George print shop, Study Abroad, and the King Institute for Faith and Learning.

In short, the College of Arts and Sciences is a place for finding a passion for life and learning. You’re invited to join us on that journey.

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