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The King University Business Office

Building and LeavesThe Business Office is located on the bottom floor of the E.W. King Library Building, across the hall from the Registrar's Office. The office hours are Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. The Business Office offers a wide array of services to all students, parents, faculty and staff, including check cashing privileges up to $100. Identification is required when cashing checks. Student payroll is on the last business day of the month. The payments are direct deposit into a checking or savings account.

Student insurance information can be found within the Campus Policies section.

Fees: All fees quoted throughout the Student Handbook are subject to change at the discretion of King University.

Paying your Tuition & Fees

Payments may be made online at with a debit or credit card (there is a 2.9% convenience fee for all debit/credit card payments) or by coming to the Business Office or mailing a check to the Business Office.

Please note a late fee of $100 will be assessed on all balances greater than $100. After the first week of classes, if the below arrangements are not met, the student’s schedule may be purged.

-          Account balance must be paid in full – OR

-          Have payment arrangements secured with financial aid – OR

-          Enroll in the Nelnet Campus Commerce Payment Plan – OR

-          Submit Employer Reimbursed paperwork - OR

-          A combination of the above

To view current tuition & Fees click here.

Payment Plan

Payment plan enrollment is accessed through your student portal by choosing. My Finances, then Ledger. On this page you will be directed to our partner Nelnet Campus Commerce to enroll in your payment plan. There is a $30 enrollment fee charged by Nelnet Campus Commerce.

Employer Reimbursement

Students using Employer Reimbursement must submit a copy of their employer policy and employer reimbursement form. Upload and submit documents through your student portal. The employer reimbursement form is required each semester. Payments are due within 3 weeks of each course and must be paid regardless of whether the student has received payment from employer. Nonpayment may result in cancellation of future courses.

Book Vouchers

Book Vouchers are available 3 weeks prior to the start of classes and expire on the 10th day of class. There must be a credit balance on the student account in order to submit a request. Vouchers are requested through the student portal. Students that are Veterans or receive Vocational Rehab funds please contact Lisa Baratta in the Business Office at 423.652.4718 to request a voucher.

Dropping A Course

A student registered for a 15 week course may drop the course within the first week of the semester. Module courses less than 15 weeks can only be dropped if there is no attendance. If a student attends a course it cannot be dropped. A future course can only be dropped while still attending a current course, up to but not including the last day of that current course.

Withdrawal From A Course

If a student attends a course and does not complete the course this will result in a withdrawal from the course as long as the student has a future course scheduled OR is concurrently enrolled in another course at the same time. The student is responsible for the charges for the course.

Withdrawal From School

If a student attends a course and stops attending and does not have a future course scheduled, this would result in a withdrawal from school and a withdrawal calculation would be required. This includes not beginning a module without previously dropping the course.

Below is the DOE explanation of withdrawal.

A student is considered to have withdrawn from a payment period or period of enrollment if: in the case of a program that is measured in credit hours, the student does not complete all the days in the payment period, or period of enrollment that the student was scheduled to complete.

Assistant Accounts Receivable Specialist   423.652.4722
Student Accounts Receivable Specialist Supervisor Lisa Baratta 423.652.4718
Business Office Clerk Sue Beidleman 423.652.4758
Accounts Payable Sharon Slone 423.652.4894
Payroll Specialist Angie Hunt 423.652.4721
Payroll & Benefits Specialist Supervisor Kelly Pennington 423.652.4827

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