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Welcome to the King University Counseling Center

The King University Counseling Center is located next to White Hall, behind the Fine Arts Building,King University Counseling Center on the east end of the campus.

As a ministry of King University, the services offered here are an attempt to bring the best of Christian care and professional practice of psychotherapy to those seeking help in times of need. The Counseling Center is first and foremost a service for King University students because we understand that college is about development inside and outside of the classroom.

Our staff has a private practice as well as providing counseling for the campus community and maintains the same level of professionalism and confidentiality for each client. Counseling and psychotherapy are available for requests ranging from personal growth and relationship concerns to PTSD and severe depression. Services include: support, spiritual direction, stress education and prevention, cognitive restructuring, EMDR, and intensive psychotherapy.

The King Counseling Center telephone number is 423.652.4742.