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Academic Scholarships and Grants

Scholarships and grants are gift monies awarded to students based on demonstrated talent in academics, scholar athletics, performing arts, and or extracurricular activities, as well as such factors as residency, Christian commitment, and financial need. You can obtain scholarships from many sources, including businesses, national organizations, and King University. Scholarships and grants do not need to be repaid.

2019 Fall Academic Chart

* The Traditional Freshman Academic Scholarships Table above is for students first enrolling at King University for Fall 2019. Freshman Academic Scholarships are awarded based on a student’s high school GPA and test scores at the date of admission. Scholarship adjustments based on a change in high school GPA or Test Score can be requested by the student until May 1, 2019. No adjustments to scholarship amount will be made after this date.

**All scholarship levels are based on a 4.0 scale. All GPA calculations not based on a 4.0 academic scale (i.e. 5.0, 6.0 or others) will be converted to reflect an equivalent score on a 4.0 scale. Weighted scores will be utilized in the conversion.

Transfer Academic Merit

* The Traditional Transfer Academic Scholarships Table above is for students first enrolled at King University Fall 2019. The scholarship amount is based on a student’s transfer GPA at the time of admission.


Other King Scholarships and Grants

In addition to Academic Scholarships, King University provides opportunities for additional scholarships and grants. 


2019-2020 Scholarships and Grants 

Program Eligibility 

King Scholarships




King Academic Scholarships

Scholarships are based on High School GPA and Test Scores for new Freshman and Transfer GPA for New  Transfer students. Please see tables for specific scholarship amounts. 

Amounts Vary

Scholarship is renewable with Satisfactory Academic Progress.




King Snider Honors Scholarship

An interview is required.  Please contact the Admissions Office at 800.362.0014. Scholarship is only available for new Freshman and new Transfer students and must be accepted into the program prior to starting classes.  

*Students receiving Snider Honors Scholarship cannot also receive the Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship. Students can however participate in both programs. 


Scholarship is renewable with satisfactory participation in Snider Honors Program.



King Performing Arts Major Scholarships

Open to student's majoring in the Preforming Visual Arts Programs. These awards are based off both talent and academics.  An audition or portfolio is required.  The Major Scholarships can be awarded in addition to the Honors Scholarship. Will replace the student's King Academic Scholarship.  Audition weekends will be announced.  Individual audition dates can also be set up. Please call the Admissions Office at 800.362.0014 to set up an audition.  Auditions for students that already have a Financial Aid  package may result in a financial aid adjustment. 


Music Major Scholarship

Theatre Major Scholarship

Digital Media Art & Design (DMAD) Major Scholarship





















King Performing Arts Participation Scholarships

These awards are for students participating in the fine arts program, but not majoring in that field. To qualify, student must be enrolled in a King course such as band, theatre, choir, etc.  This award cannot be combined with the Performing Arts Major Scholarships. Individual audition dates can also be set up.  Please call the Admissions Office at 800.362.0014 to set up an audition.  Auditions for students that already have a Financial Aid  package may result in a financial aid adjustment. 


Instrumental Participation  Scholarship

Choral Participation Scholarship

Theatre Participation Scholarship

DMAD Participation Scholarship*

*DMAD requirements: Minor in program, take at least one DMAD class per semester per academic year and participate in two DMAD events per academic year.












Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation Scholarship


Female students that are residents of AL, FL, GA, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN, and VA. Must demonstrate high financial need and Christian commitment.



Scholarship is renewable with satisfactory progress.




King Athletic Scholarship


Athletes are required to try out and those who are U.S. Citizens must complete the FAFSA.

Coach's discretion.

Athletic Scholarship recipients can only receive Academic and Honors Scholarships along with their Athletic Scholarship.  They are not eligible for any other King University Awards.




Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship

 Must be a resident of TN, submit FAFSA by September 1 for Fall and February 1 for Spring and Summer, have a 3.00 High School GPA or a 21-ACT/980-SAT (Math and Critical Reading Only). Eligibility requirements are different for home school students.  


Amounts Vary.

 Renewable by maintaining a minimum 2.75 GPA after 24 and 48 attempted hours.  At 72 attempted hours, or more, students must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA or if the cumulative GPA is between a 2.75-2.99 and a semester GPA of 3.0.  





Tobacco Region Forgivable Loan Program


Students must meet criteria with the VA Tobacco Commission.  Students must reside in Southwest or Southside Virginia.  New for student enrolling fall 2017 and after.

Loans of $2,000 per year


The  loan is forgivable if student works or lives back in the tobacco region.  See for details. 





Anne Liston Foundation Scholarship

The Anne Liston Foundation Scholarship is designed to help assist King University students make their college experience as affordable as possible. This scholarship is for new first time students in the traditional college programs that enroll at the Bristol campus. Applicants of this scholarship must also meet one of the following criteria: 1) Son or Daughter of Presbyterian Clergy 2) Son or Daughter of Presbyterian church staff members 3) Son or Daughter of Presbyterian overseas  missionaries. This scholarship is designed to provide scholarship aid to student(s) who are not receiving athletic scholarship aid of any type. Any student receiving athletic aid as a new student or continuing student will not be eligible for this award. Recipients will be required to attend specified functions and participate in a process to thank the foundation. 

Up to $2,000





Funding is renewable annually contingent upon academic standing, conduct, and completion of the required stipulations.







Liston Family Scholars


This fund is one of King University’s most prestigious academic awards and is available to incoming traditional first-year students who plan to live on campus.  Students must apply by February 15, annually and will be notified by March 31, of their acceptance. The award provides for the full cost of tuition and fees at King University for a total of 4 years, based on continuous enrollment in an undergraduate program. Eligible recipients include: • Residents from a 150 mile radius of King University’s Bristol campus, (residing in Southwest Virginia,  Western North Carolina, Northeast Tennessee and Eastern Kentucky) • Students who are in the top 5% of their class This is a highly competitive and sought after award; therefore, recipients will be expected to demonstrate commitment to academic scholarship, Christian fellowship, community/civic service, and peer engagement. A minimum of 40 hours of service per semester will be required of the student,dedicated to service to one or more of these areas. A mentor for the program will be assigned to outline the specific expectations for the recipient based on the student’s intended major and areas of interest.  The mentor will work to ensure the recipient meets all expectations.

Full Cost of Tuition and Fees 









(4 year scholarship with continuous undergrad enrollment)











Evangelical Presbyterian Church Scholarship


The Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) Foundation Scholarship is designed to help assist King University students make their college experience as affordable as possible. This scholar-ship is for new first time students in the traditional college programs that enroll at the Bristol campus.  Applicants of this scholarship must also meet one of the following criteria: 1) Son or Daughter of Ordained Pastors (Teaching Elders) 2) Son or Daughter of Ordained Ruling Elders (RE) 3) Missionaries recognized by the World Outreach (WO) of the EPC.  In order to receive these funds these conditions must be met and verified. Please complete the required information on the opposite side of this application.  Recipients will be required to attend specified functions and participate in a process to thank the foundation.  

Up to $2,000







Funding is renewable annually contingent upon academic standing, conduct, and completion of the required stipulations.









King Bell Scholarship


Students must live on campus to receive this award.



Scholarship is renewable with satisfactory progress and living on campus.




Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship


Awarded to potential student leaders.  Candidates must be members of Phi Theta Kappa Honorary Society, have 40 transferable credits and have a 3.50 cumulative grade point average.  Documentation of membership is required.

*Students receiving the Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship cannot also receive the Snider Honors Scholarship. Students can however participate in both programs. 

















King Alumni & Friends Grant (Need-Based)


A need -based grant, based on your FAFSA filing and housing status each year.

Amounts Vary Based on Need


Does not automatically renew each year.  Changes in family income and assets reported on the FAFSA each year can effect the grant amount.




Federal Pell Grant Program

Submit FAFSA and demonstrate high financial need.


Must meet federal eligibility requirements.



Federal SEOG Program

Submit FAFSA, must be a Federal Pell Grant recipient with high demonstrated financial need.

Amounts Vary

Amounts vary depending upon student's financial need.  Must meet federal eligibility requirements.  



Federal Teach Grant/Loan Program

Teacher Education fields offered at King University that qualify for the TEACH Grant Program:

•Teacher Education - Biology
•Teacher Education - Chemistry
•Teacher Education - French
•Teacher Education - Math
•Teacher Education - Spanish                          

•Master of Education - Based on Undergraduate Degree                                                                                                                                                                                      The King University Education Department, in conjunction with the Financial Aid Office, will determine a student's eligibility for the TEACH Grant.    

$4,000 per year (max of $16,000 for undergraduate and $8,000 for graduate)


If you receive a TEACH Grant but do not complete the required four years of teaching service within eight years after completing the coursework for which you received the grant, or if you otherwise do not meet the requirements of the TEACH Grant Program, all TEACH Grant funds that you received will be converted to a Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loan that you must repay in full, with interest, dating back to the original disbursement date, to the Department of Education. Once a TEACH Grant is converted to a loan, it cannot be converted back to a grant.

















Tennessee Student Assistance Award

Must be a resident of TN, Submit FAFSA by mid January, and demonstrate high financial need with an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of 2100 or less. 





King Out of State Grant

Student must be a non-Tennessee resident. 


Scholarship is renewable with satisfactory progress.



Outside Scholarships Opportunities

Financial Aid has provided a list of outside scholarship opportunities for students. To the best of our ability, the sites are accurate, but it is the student’s responsibility to research and apply for each scholarship. The Financial Aid Office does not guarantee approval of the outside scholarship opportunities. These opportunities are listed only as a service to help King University students find additional financial aid. 

Outside Scholarship Opportunities Last revised 03/12/2019

National Cellular Directory Scholarship:

Accounting Scholarships
Annual Community Volunteer Scholarship

Actuary Scholarships
The Tommy Smith Scholarship:

Best Colleges Scholarships
Health Education and Awareness Scholarship Program

Business Scholarships
Appalachian Heath Career Scholarships:

College Board Scholarships
Slumber Yard $1500 Scholarship:

College NET
Women Techmakers Scholars Program:

Fast Web
Richard E. Merwin Student Scholarship:

Go College
The RISE Financial Progress Scholarship

Hispanic Scholarships
Game Development Scholarship Program

International Scholarships
Youth Forward Scholarship Program - "In the Driver's Seat:" 

Minority Scholarships
Skylights for Less Scholarship: 

P.E.O. Scholarships
Law Offices of Anthony J Vecchio, Creative Scholarship Program:

Sallie Mae Scholarships
David Resnick & Associates, PC - Veteran Grant:

STEM Scholarships
Rosen & Ohr Law Firm Scholarship Contest:

STEM Scholarships 
Yeboah Law Group, P.A., Make A Difference Academic Scholarship:

Study Abroad Scholarships
ZipRecruiter Scholarship:

US News Scholarships
OppU Achievers Scholarship

Veteran Scholarships
Goedeker's College Scholarships:

National Contract Management Association - East TN Chapter *Business Majors-Multiple Scholarships:

The John Jesensky Scholarship:

Search University Essay Scholarship Contest:

Addiction Awareness Scholarship:

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts -Visual Arts Fellowship:

The Risk Management Association Foundation Scholarship Program:

Slickdeals Student Scholarship Program:

Izenda Embedded BI & Analytics Scholarship:

TopNotch Renovations Scholarship:

Ampronix College Scholarship:

Voy Media Entrepreneur Scholarship:

USSelfStorage College Scholarship:

Quicken Loans Scholarship Essay Contest:

Trucking United Computer Science Scholarship:

AZAZIE Scholarship:

Church Mutual Religious Scholars Program:

Adore Me Scholarship *Female Business Majors*:

Aurumania Bike Challenge Scholarship Program *Engineering, Medicine, Nursing, Applied Science and Art Majors*:

The Realty Medics Scholarship:

Parenting Scholarship for Cyberbullying Prevention:

The Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame Jeff Byrd Memorial Scholarship: 

MigVapor Essay Contest Scholarship:

Women of Williamson Tennessee (For female students in Williamson Co, TN):

Coca-Cola Scholars Program Scholarship:

Gates Millennium Scholars Program:

Burger King Scholarship:

Union Plus Scholarship Program:

Rhodes Scholarship Program:

William Randolph Hearst Endowed Fellowship Program for Minority Students:

Loan Repayment and Forgiveness for Nursing:


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