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Tuition and Fees

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A King University Traditional student is an undergraduate student taking daytime, full-time classes and who enrolls in a four-year degree program. A traditional student is eligible to receive King University Institutional Aid, Federal and State Aid, and Aid from outside sources. 

A King University GPS student is an undergraduate or graduate student that is enrolled continuously for up to 24 months and attends classes one night a week or on-line.  A GPS student is eligible to receive Federal and State Aid and Aid from outside sources. 

Traditional Undergraduate 2019-2020 - Cost Per Year 

Fee Structure

On Campus

















Other Costs

 Parking (Resident)


 Accidental Injury Insurance (All Students)





To view 2018-2019 costs click here. 

Traditional MBA Program

Tuition and Fee Structure Cost
Fall Semester $6,500
Spring Semester $6,500
Summer Semester $6,500
Graduation Fee $175
Book Estimate (per course) $200

GPS Online Students

To view Online Program Tuition click here.

GPS Evening and Weekend Students - (per semester hour)

Associate of Arts = $305

BA English = $305

BA Elementary Education = $290

Bachelor of Business Administration = $265

Bachelor of Social Work = $290

BS Communication = $290

BS Criminal Justice = $290

BS Healthcare Administration = $290

BS History = $305

BS Interdisciplinary Studies = $290

BS Nursing (RN to BSN) = $315

BS Psychology = $290

BS Religious Studies = $290

DNP = $750

PMBA = $495

MBA prerequisite courses = $150/course

M.Ed. = $365

MSN = $520

Pathway = $235

LEAD 2200 = per program semester hour cost

GPS Active Duty Military

Tuition for active duty military = $250/semester hour for all undergraduate programs.

GPS Other Fees

Background Check: M.Ed. and MSN students are required to pay a $65 background check fee.

Books: Estimated $200 per course.

Graduation Fee: Graduates are required to pay a one-time fee of $125 for Bachelor degree, $175 for Master degree, and $250 for Doctoral degrees.

Insurance Fee: RN-BSN and MSN students are required to pay a $40 insurance fee. FNP, PNP, and DNP Students are required to pay a $65 insurance fee.

Nursing: There are additional fees per program please check with your Enrollment Counselor for more details.

Online Technology Fee Course Fee: $100 per course.

Effective FALL 2017:

On the first day of the semester, a late fee of $100 will be charged to all accounts with an outstanding or unsecured balance greater than $100.

On the 5th day of the semester, if the balance is not paid in full or secured by the arrangements below, the student may be purged from class.

  • Account balance must be paid in full – OR
  • Have payment arrangements secured with financial aid (All FA documents must be received and FA Award “Finalized”) – OR

  • Enroll in the Advanced Education Services (AES) Payment Plan – OR

  • Employer Reimbursement Forms completed and submitted through student portal by tuition due date - OR

  • A combination of the above

King’s tuition rates are the same for both in state and out of state students. King does not charge higher rates for out of state students.

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