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Lifelong Learning at King

King University offers a select set of collegiate courses for adults ages 60 and over. TheKing Univerity Campus offerings are part of the Lifelong Learning at King program in which the adult learners would audit the non-credit classes at King’s main campus in Bristol, Tenn., free of charge.

Courses are taught by King professors in the King College of Arts & Sciences and King’s School of Communication, Information, and Design. The courses cover a range of studies at King including History, Literature, Theatre, Photography, Intelligence Studies, and Politics.

By auditing the selected courses, the students will be able to attend class, learning alongside the traditional students in the classroom, without worry of test-taking or cost.

Books for the classes can be purchased at or most online book retailers.

For information on the Lifelong Learning at King program, contact Dr. Bill Linderman, Interim Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, at 423.652.6023 or

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