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About Residence Life

Contact Info:

Jarred Cadwallader (Area Coordinator, Men's Residence Halls): 423.383.4781 or

Amber Johnson (Area Coordinator, Women's Residence Halls): 423.383.4784 or

Where are the Housing Offices?

There are two. The Assistant Dean for Residence Life’s office is on the Ground Floor of Maclellan Hall. Right across from the bookstore and the computer lab. The Area Coordinator’s offices are in the Lower Liston Apartment. The entrance lis located to the right of the entrance to Lower Liston Hall.

Who to Call for What:

  • Emergencies/Early Alert Items - Residence Life Office (and Student Affairs/Security)
  • General Questions about the Residence Halls: Area Coordinators
  • Roommate Conflicts: Area Coordinators
  • Housing Assignments: Residence Life Office
  • Housing Bills: Residence Life Office
  • Early Arrivals/Late Stays: Residence Life Office
  • Commuters: Residence Life Office
  • Maintenance Problems: Help Desk to put in a work order (
  • Unsure of Question: Residence Life Office

We Are more than just room assignments! We do a lot of things!

Area Coordinators (ACs) are responsible for:

  • Supervising the RA Staff
  • Working with their Campus Partners
  • Managing their Buildings

Resident Assistants (RAs) are responsible for: 

  • Mediating roommate issues
  • Enforcing policies
  • Ensuring the health and safety of the residents
  • Helping homesick students
  • Helping students get to Campus Offices and Resources

Important Dates to Know: 

  • July - Housing Assignments mailed out
  • August - Res. Life Staff Training
  • September - Visitation begins
  • November - Thanksgiving Break (Halls Open - Limited Staff)
  • December - Christmas Break (Halls Closed)
  • February/March - Housing Sign Up for Returning Students
  • March - Spring Break (Halls Open - Limited staff)
  • April/May - Halls Close for the year
  • May - May Terms Housing Begins and Ends

Who can become an RA: 

  • Full Time King College Student
  • 2.5 or Greater G.P.A.
  • Clean Conduct Record
  • Lived on Campus for at least two semesters

And the number one thing to know about Residence Life is... 

We are here to work with you, our students, and build strong Campus and Community Partnerships!