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Living on Campus

There's nothing like living on campus. You'll stay close to the action! Better than that, though, are the friendships you'll make, the diverse cultural and geographical backgrounds you'll learn about, and the sense of belonging you'll feel as a member of a tight-knit college community. Here is some additional information about what it is like to live in the King University Residence Halls.

Life in the Residence Hall

You have a good idea that your room will be your home away from home. It will be where you sleep, get ready in the mornings and study. But, you are probably wondering, "What is life in the residence halls really like?"There is not a single answer because everyone has a different experience. You can count on being surrounded by a group of people who will share some of the best times of your college experience. You'll find that it is the friendships you make, the people you meet, and the unexpected "adventures" is what makes living in the residence halls so much fun.Here are some of the experiences you have to look forward to when you live in a residence hall:

  • Participate in Residence Hall programs (yes, these are really fun!). Designed to be both fun and informative, Residence Hall programs build a sense of community and friendship within the hall.
  • Developing mutual respect with people who are different from you.
  • Leaving your door open so friends can come by for an unexpected visit.
  • Running to friends' room in your pajamas to ask for advice or help with an assignment.
  • Borrowing milk for your cereal when you've run out.
  • Sharing a late-night pizza and movie.

May I live off-campus?

You may live off-campus if:

  • 21 Years old and in good academic and student conduct standing PRIOR to the first day of classes for the Semester
  • Live at home with mother or father, a Legal Guardian (documentation from Court required), live with a married sibling over the age of 22, or live with grandparents – these family members must live in the residence with the student full time. Parent or Guardians must have lived in the Tri-Cities area (physical address within Sullivan County, TN or Washington County VA, which includes the Cities of Kingsport, TN; Johnson City, TN; Bristol, VA; Bristol, TN; Gray, TN; and Piney Flats, TN) for at least six months preceding the date of first enrollment and continue to reside with their parent(s)/guardian(s).
  • Documented Disability - In order for a disability to be considered an exemption for living on campus, the request for accommodation must be approved through the King University Disability Services Office.
  • Significant Life Experiences/Responsibilities Such As:
    • Full Time Military Service (Veterans with more than 120 consecutive days of military duty) /Honorably Discharged
    • Lived Independently of Parent/Guardians for 12 months or more with documented proof provided
    • Legally Married/Previously Married (Documentation Required)
    • Have Legal Dependents (defined as living with the student, having custody and responsible for support) and has documentation demonstrating this responsibility.

How Do I Apply for Commuter Status?

The Commuter Applications are all now on-line and can be filled out through your Student Portal:

  • Log into your Student Portal Account.
  • On the left hand side you will see a link for New Student Forms.
  • Once you click on the link, more links will drop down.
  • Choose Resident/Commuter from the list.
  • Fill out the form when it opens.
  • Click submit Information at the bottom of the page.

Note: If you will be living with your Parents or are applying for Residential Exemption, you must submit the appropriate documentation for our request separately to the Residence Life Office or Student Affairs Office.

Living with Parents:Students who live with their parents or legal guardian and are under 21 years of age must submit a notarized copy of the Verification of Living with Parents form. This form must include a copy of the current driver’s license of the parent or legal guardian with whom the student will reside as well as a daytime telephone number where the parent or guardian can be reached.  The license number and/or the Social Security number from the license may be omitted from the copy of the parent’s current driver’s license. 

Residential Exemption: A statement of your reasons for Residential Exemption need. Full documentation (Financial information, doctor’s notes, etc.) to support your application.Studets requesting an exemption for Financial Hardship must fill out and submit the Financial Hardship Application along with full documentation to support your request.

Please Note: Residential Exemption approvals are VERY rare, and are only granted in extreme situations or emergencies. Please click here to read the full Commuter Policy including updates to the policy as of 8/1/2015.