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Residence Life

Residence Life Mission Statement:

To establish a residential environment, which provides opportunities for students to excel academically, to develop personal identity within a community setting, and to foster spiritual growth, all grounded in basic Christian values.

residKing University Residence Life Guiding Principles

Student Success and Satisfaction

Students feeling great about their housing experience, high retention rates, strong GPA's, and better than average graduation rates are our goals.


Meaningful connections with and between our students and staff. We invest time, energy and resources into building a sense of membership and ownership in our relationships!

Lead with an 'Ethic of Care' in all of our work.

We react quickly and appropriately to issues and concerns. People feel heard, valued, and cared about!

Community Development

We strive to build a "Community is purposeful, open, disciplined, just, caring & celebrative." - Ernest Boyer