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Security & Safety

King University Security works closely with students, faculty, staff, visitors, the Bristol Tennesseesecurity Police Department, and the Bristol Tennessee Fire Department concerning safety and security. Living and attending classes on any college campus offers exceptional opportunities for its students. Unfortunately, like many communities, there are possible risks that may be encountered. We want you to be prepared for these risks by realizing personal responsibility offers the best support for a community's safety and security. The security officer on duty can be contacted at 423.652.4333. 

Office Location:

The Security Office is located on the street side of Parks Hall.

Hours of Operation:

Security officers are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Contact Information:

For life safety emergencies dial 911.

On duty Security officers may be contacted by dialing 4333 with any on campus phone. Dial 423.652.4333 or 423.340.4333 if you are off campus or using your cell phone.

Kingsport Campus Security: 423.341.4536 (Officers are on duty only during scheduled classes.)

Knoxville Campus Security: 865.201.1338 (Officers are only on duty during scheduled classes.)

Parking: 423.652.6366

Background checks: 423.652.4307

Director of Safety and Security: 423.652.4705