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Tornado Pride Prizes

Point System

  • Scanner will be used at events to scan students ID at SLACK, athletic, choir, band and theatre performances.
    • Depending on the nature of the events cards will be scanned at either the beginning or the end of the event.
  • Scanner data will be uploaded via portal and saved with event date to get names and demographics of students for each event.
  • Each event will be saved individually with a combined total for each student they attend throughout fall semester and spring semester
  • “Bonus points” or cards will be awarded to students at events who demonstrate outstanding student involvement.
    • These cards will be presented to students at events with the information that they demonstrated outstanding student participation.
    • Students must present/bring the card to the Student Life Office in order for their ‘bonus point’ to be added to their total.
    • If the card is not redeemed through the Student Life Office by the end of the semester it was awarded the bonus points will not be added to the student’s total.

Reward levels

  • Each event a student scans in at will be awarded 1 point
  • For each level a student reaches prizes will be awarded to the student. Below are the rewards:
    • 10 Events = Rainbow T-shirt
    • 20 events = Athletic mug
    • 30 events = Wallet
    • 40 events = Bag
    • 50 events = Dry fit Game day fan t-shirt
    • Overall highest Fall Semester = TBD
    • Overall highest Spring Semester = TBD
    • Overall for year = TBD
  • Prize(s) will be awarded to the student who has the highest point total for Fall, Spring and overall for the year.
    • These prizes will award at Late Night Breakfast and End of Year Bash.
  • Students will be notified weekly (Fridays) regarding their levels when they have reached a reward level for them to claim their prize.
  • Any prize certificate not redeemed during the semester it is issued will be void.


  • Events that are not counted are: Team and mandatory meetings where an individual has to attend to be eligible (NCAA meetings, team meetings etc.), events where a person has to perform or compete (basketball game for a basketball player)
  • Students ID cards will be scanned at events based on the above guidelines depending on events
  • Student ID cards must be present when they arrive/depart from the event
  • If a student does not have their Student ID card then they will not get credit for the event. No ‘sign-in sheet’ will be available for students names to be added to the event (as with chapel/convo)
  • No student may have their friends, room-mate cards with them to be scanned
  • Person scanning cards must check picture on the card when they scan it to ensure it is that student’s card
  • Announcements will be made regarding scanning at events by SLACK, Athletic Staff, Student Staff etc.